We are dedicated chartered professionals and also members of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (MSFPE) and Institute of Fire Safety Managers (MIFSM)

Our aim is to undertake and advise our clients on the correct procedure for undertaking façade assessments. There are many people jumping on the bandwagon, and in some cases, we are seeing poor assessment, substantial delays, and clients who have paid out for assessment that need to be further investigated. We provide a more cleansed approach without cost blows even before works start.

The façade assessment consider the building envelope in the context of the guidance notes which have been issued supplementing the Approved Document (including the latest MHCLG Guidance as issued in January 2020).

We are here to help our clients understand any previous assessment reports. Recent investigation are sadly finding unreliable reports and poor workmanship issues when the cladding was originally applied. There is usually no existing documentation, or manuals are ill-prepared or non-existent. Even if there is a need to undertake further investigations, we ensure this is undertaken without mass disruption to residents or occupiers, and swiftly and cost-effectively. Our invasive investigations are intended to assess without too much damage to the façade. We use only reputable MEWP and access companies to aid our assessments. Any drilling or panel removal will be undertaken with care and reinstated to ensure weather tightness. 

Our relationships with independent testing facilities are tailored to inform and corroborate the inspection’s findings swiftly. We work with international cladding manufacturers and approved contractors ensuring the best service is given to our client.

The reports assess the exterior against the most recent issuance of Approved Document B. We are also up to date with the ever-changing legislation with regards to façade reinstatement. The assessments also consider the windows, doors, balconies and anything else which may penetrate the external façade. In order to assess the actual risk of a fire, an inspection of the ground floor and basements of the building would also be carried out. We detail and comment on any hazards or risks which could impact on the likelihood of a fire in relation to the structure (eg. car parking, refuge areas and arson).




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